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Enough Abuse Greater Bay Area Campaign

In 2012, Greater Bay Area Coalition of Child Abuse Councils leaders came together with a unified voice to say ENOUGH! child sexual abuse. The Coalition is made up of 10 Child Abuse Prevention Councils representing 7.75 million citizens in the counties of Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Monterey, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma.

The Center for Innovation and Resources, Inc., (CIR), with support from the California Office of Child Abuse Prevention, provides evidence-based training and technical assistance to the state’s 58 Child Abuse Prevention Councils. Together, the Council and CIR, reached out to the Enough Abuse Campaign to provide comprehensive training on child sexual abuse and its prevention. Funding to launch the Campaign was provided through a 2-year grant from the Columbia Foundation,  support from Partners in Prevention, and in-kind resources from the Coalition.

Its Mission: To create a groundswell of focused action aimed at preventing child sexual abuse by providing families and professionals with evidence-based knowledge and real-world strategies.

Its Goal: To empower the Greater Bay Area communities to stand up and say ENOUGH child sexual abuse!

Its first task was to recruit individuals from each of the 10 Greater Bay Area counties who would  participate in a 2-day Training of Trainers to be delivered by Enough Abuse Campaign staff. In February 2013 in San Raphael, 50 trainers were certified to deliver the various Enough Abuse curricula for parents, professionals and the public. Subsequently, these trainers provided hundreds of free trainings across their counties for parents, professionals and the general public. 

Greater Bay Area, California Certified Enough Abuse Trainers

In April 2013, Child Abuse Prevention Month, the Enough Abuse public awareness campaign was kicked off at a San Francisco Giants game. The Campaign was featured on the Jumbotron, and members hosted an information kiosk, passed out Enough! bookmarks for adults, temporary tattoos of the Enough Abuse hand for children, and discussed campaign activities with interested fans.  

Through donated graphic design and printing services from Partners in Prevention, the Coalition created, printed and distributed thousands of Blue-Ribbon posters, Enough! bookmarks and other materials launching the project for each County.

Since then Coalition members have:

  • Built community awareness of child sexual abuse as an issue and of the Enough Abuse campaign as a regional and local prevention effort.
  • Built community awareness of prevention and intervention services and resources available.
  • Strengthened ties between prevention and intervention providers.
  • Secured support from community organizations as partners or sponsors.
  • Provided hundreds of free educational programs to parents, families, children, and community organizations.
  • Offered professionals low cost training that meets requirements for continuing education credits.

Contact the Greater Bay Area Coalition of Child Abuse Councils at  or

contact the Child Abuse Prevention Council in your county to get involved.

For more information about child sexual abuse prevention trainings in Greater Bay counties, contact:

California Resource
exit_to_app Straight Talk About Child Sexual Abuse: A Prevention Guide for Parents

Every parent is concerned about keeping their children safe from those who might sexually abuse or exploit them. This “Straight Talk” Guide will give you the information and skills you need to strengthen safety within your family and community and reduce the risks of sexual abuse. If you’ve been putting off talking to your kids because you feel you don’t know enough, don’t know what to say, or how to approach the subject, we’re here to help. Armed with this booklet, you can confidently help your child grow up safe and free from sexual abuse and its devastating consequences.

This downloadable Guide is free for individuals. This Enough Abuse Campaign localized Guide for California includes the most highly recommended resources for prevention, reporting and treatment in your area.

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