Who We Are.

What We Believe.

We are citizens committed to ending the sexual abuse of children, all our children.
Multi-ethnic Group Of People Stacking Hands Showing Unity

We believe children are the most precious people on the planet and it’s only fair that each child be cherished.    

We believe every child has the right to a safe and nurturing childhood, free from the devastating trauma and life-long consequences of sexual abuse.  

We believe any adult or institution that undermines or violates that right must be challenged.

We believe every home, school, youth organization and community must be a haven where children can live, learn, play and grow safely. 

We believe that to ensure better and fairer outcomes for all our children, we must involve and reflect the diverse communities we serve; adopt policies that support equity; and practices that value and respect everyone.

We believe that working together, survivors and their committed allies can create transformative social change to end child sexual abuse.

We are troublemakers for kids. 

We are building a movement. 

Join us. 

Enough Abuse is a citizen education and community mobilization initiative working to prevent child sexual abuse in our homes, schools, youth organizations and communities.

Developed in Massachusetts, the Campaign has been adopted by leaders in several states, e.g. New Jersey, Maryland, New York, California, Nevada, South Dakota, Missouri, and Maine. It has also been launched in the West African nations of Nigeria and Sierra Leone.

We are providing adults and communities with the knowledge and skills they need to put an end to the silence, and eventually, the epidemic of child sexual abuse.

Enough Abuse Campaign is a program of MassKids, a child advocacy nonprofit that has been working on behalf of our most vulnerable children for over six decades.