Every parent is concerned about keeping their children safe from those who might sexually abuse or exploit them. Our “Straight Talk” Guide gives parents the information and skills they need to strengthen safety within their family and community and reduce the risks of sexual abuse. The Guide has been updated to include a new section on the 25 Adult Boundary-Violating Behaviors parents should talk to their children about, and another about online child sexual abuse and internet safety. This Prevention Guide for Parents is also now available in Spanish.

There is also a version of the guide for parents of children with disabilities, which has also been updated to include the information about boundary violating behaviors, online child sexual abuse, and internet safety.

Download your free Straight Talk About Child Sexual Abuse: Prevention Guide for Parents at https://enoughabuse.org/get-the-facts/guides-for-parents/.

“Straight Talk” is available for bulk purchases and for localization by states, counties, and organizations. For more information please contact us at info@masskids.org.