Enough Abuse, and END1IN4, Inc., are launching a new Pledge to Prevent® outdoor public awareness campaign on billboards across Greater Boston, Los Angeles, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and in New York City’s Times Square.

In Greater Boston, static billboards will be posted in Lynn, Lowell, and Medford. Digital billboards will be posted on Route 1 South near the Tobin Bridge and on Route 16 in Everett. 50 live digital ads will appear throughout the underground MBTA “T” stations in Boston.

The campaign commences on Monday, April 1 and will run throughout April during National Child Abuse Prevention Month. The Pledge to Prevent® campaign website provides a unique online opportunity for thousands of individuals across the country to get educated about child sexual abuse and take concrete, practical actions to prevent it in their homes and communities. The campaign will also feature extensively on social media.

According to Jetta Bernier, director of the Enough Abuse Campaign, “While there is universal support to end child sexual abuse, individuals often ask – `What can I really do to make a difference?’ The best way is for adults and communities to take prime responsibility for preventing sexual abuse. That means learning about it, talking about it and taking specific actions to stop it from ever happening.”

“Pledge to Prevent® is a simple and powerful way for everyone to act to end child sexual abuse and its devastating impact on children, families and communities,” said Kathy Andersen, Founder of END1IN4. “Organizations and individuals can choose one of over 25 pledges as either a Learner to get the basic facts, a Prevention Influencer to educate others, a Safe Community Promoter to strengthen policies in schools and youth organizations, or a Movement Builder to promote prevention legislation with elected officials. Pledgers are sent vetted resources so they can build their knowledge and skills to carry out their chosen pledges confidently.”

Pledge to Prevent® was started by Enough Abuse in 2017. Now, in partnership with END1IN4, the two organizations are on a mission to expand Pledge to Prevent® globally. Currently, individuals who have taken the Pledge to Prevent® come from nearly every U.S. state and from several countries, including Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Zambia, Liberia, and India.

The National Coalition to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation, a coalition of leading U.S. organizations and experts in the prevention field, is promoting the Pledge to Prevent® campaign with its members and networks.  According to Susan Kennedy, President of the coalition, “ To combat the serious and ever-growing threat to children of in-person and online sexual abuse and exploitation, we must actively engage citizens everywhere in the fight for our children’s safety and security. Pledge to Prevent® is an important tool in the arsenal of resources we must deploy in that fight.”

The campaign in Greater Boston is partially supported by the Cummings Foundation, founded by Joyce and Bill Cummings in 1986, who for over a decade have provided generous support to over a thousand charities in Suffolk, Middlesex and Essex Counties.