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The National Coalition to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation teamed up with MassKids/Enough Abuse and Prevent Child Abuse America to host a FREE three-part Webinar Series to assist policymakers and advocates in legislative advocacy efforts to prevent child sexual abuse. Over 80 advocates from 25 states registered for the webinars and several have pledged to begin efforts to introduce new prevention legislation or work to amend current laws that lack recommended provisions.

The series was a follow up to the release in June 2021 of “A Call to Action for Policymakers and Advocates: Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Legislation in the States,” a report developed by MassKids/Enough Abuse in collaboration with Prevent Child Abuse America and endorsed by the National Coalition.

Watch the recordings: 

Part I: Policymakers and Advocates – An Overview of State Legislative Efforts to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse in Schools and Youth Organizations

Learn what these 5 key CSA prevention laws are, how many states have passed them, and why it is crucial that we pass them in every state.  

Part II: Policymakers and Advocates – Strategies to Pass CSA Prevention Education Laws In Your State

Learn about what provisions are recommended to be included in CSA prevention education laws, whether your state has these laws, and how they might be improved. Also learn the first 14 of 21 Strategies to Pass CSA Prevention Laws.

Part III: Policymakers and Advocates: Strategies to Enact Comprehensive Screening Laws and Policies in your state

Watch for an in-depth look at standardized screening laws to prevent educator sexual misconduct, what the key components and recommended provisions are, and what resources you can use to advocate to pass or improve the law in your state. We also finish reviewing 21 Strategies to Pass CSA Prevention Laws in Your State (click here to download the Strategies).