The Children’s Justice Campaign is working across the country to reform and eliminate the civil and criminal SOL on child sexual abuse.

Statute of Limitations laws on child sexual abuse still limit access to justice for survivors and are a barrier to ensuring sexual abusers face consequences and cannot continue to abuse children. The majority of child sexual abuse is not reported while the victim is still a child, due to trauma and secrecy. Most victims will not share or report what happened to them until years after the fact, and in many cases, the SOL can make it impossible to pursue civil damages or criminal charges.

That is why many states are reforming or eliminating the SOL on child sexual abuse. To date, 33 states have introduced SOL reform bills for CSA, including 18 to eliminate criminal SOLs, 20 to eliminate civil SOLs, 20 to extend civil SOLs, and 21 with revival/windows.

44 states have no criminal SOL for CSA, 19 States have no Civil SOL for CSA, and 30 states have Revived expired SOL.

Watch this space for more details on efforts in the states, including an interactive map on SOL state laws coming soon.