Get Vocal: Advocate for Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Policies and Laws

The Enough Abuse Campaign advocates for policies and legislation that work to provide justice for survivors, accountability for abusers, and prevent the future sexual abuse of children.

Currently, we are working to:

  • require child sexual abuse prevention education in public and private schools and youth organizations;
  • ensure greater legal consequences for those in positions of authority or trust who abuse minors in their care and to prohibit the age of consent as a defense in such cases;
  • require more comprehensive screening of prospective school employees to prevent Educator Sexual Misconduct and Abuse; and
  • eliminate the civil and criminal statute of limitations on child sexual abuse.
Enough Abuse Director Jetta Bernier addressing the Coalition to Reform Sex Abuse Laws (CORSAL) Rally at the New England School of Law

“It is unfathomable to me that a 16-year-old in Massachusetts is too young to buy cigarettes, consume alcohol or vote, yet is deemed legally capable of giving consent to have sex with her 49-year-old teacher…We cannot continue to allow individuals we trust with our children and that are in positions of authority, to sexually abuse them and give them the legal cover to claim consent as a defense.”

Laura Siracusa, MassKids Board Member and mother of a survivor, in her testimony to legislators

Survivors, advocates and legislators with Governor Deval Patrick following Signing of the Statute of Limitations Reform Law in 2014. Efforts to eliminate SOL are now underway.

Get involved in child sexual abuse prevention at the local, statewide, or national level by learning about bills currently under consideration and whether they support prevention efforts. Get in touch with your legislator(s) to advocate for bills you support and bring their attention to this critical issue. If a bill currently under consideration undermines child sexual abuse prevention efforts or does not go far enough, we can help you evaluate the bill and suggest ways it can be strengthened.   

For Massachusetts citizens, check out our Citizens to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse page for more information about our current “Pass the Prevention Package!’” campaign and the strategies we are taking to ensure passage of several critical bills.  

“If the leaders of our great state do not make laws to better educate adults and protect kids, most will continue to look the other way rather than address the awful truth. We must send a strong message to all sexual predators that schools and other youth organizations will not be a place for them to target vulnerable kids.  No child should have to endure what I did. Pass the Prevention Package, NOW.” 

Jennifer Falcone, MassKids supporter and survivor, in her testimony to legislators

What You Can Do to GET VOCAL:
  • View our companion Interactive Maps and click on your state to see details about efforts in your state.
  • Check out our Citizens to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse page for more information about the Massachusetts “Pass the Prevention Package!” campaign and actions citizens are taking to ensure passage of three critical bills.
  • Join our States Policy Exchange, a virtual networking and peer support platform for policymakers and child advocates from all over the country that meets bimonthly to share their progress on legislative efforts to prevent child sexual abuse. (link to States Policy Exchange Page)