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Enough Abuse Training Tools
Collage of four Enough Abuse training tools covers

“I have been teaching for nearly 30 years and this is one of, if not the best training videos I have ever sat through. It was visually beautiful and well presented…It was powerful.” 

Lowell teacher’s evaluation of Enough! Preventing Child Sexual Abuse in My School course

Seven in-person and online educational trainings are offered by the Enough Abuse Campaign to parents, youth, professionals, and other concerned adults to prevent adults from victimizing children today and to prevent children from developing abusive behaviors in the future. The in-person trainings are provided by certified trainers in the organizations, communities, and states that have adopted the Campaign, while the online Enough! Preventing Child Sexual Abuse courses are available to schools and youth serving organizations nationwide.  

The curricula have been independently reviewed by the University of New Hampshire’s Crimes Against Children Research Center for their accuracy and reflect the latest knowledge in the field. Over 100 references and citations from peer-reviewed articles and studies, back up the data and facts presented in these “research-based” tools.  Evaluations from parents, professionals, and youth who participate in community trainings using these curricula routinely rate the tools high on a 5-point scale of excellence. 

Training curricula have also been adapted for schools and youth organizations in West Africa through collaborations with Enough Abuse Nigeria and Enough Abuse Sierra Leone. 

To promote in-person trainings, Campaign staff assist local communities or statewide organizations to identify and vet a cadre of volunteers or staff who agree to participate in the Campaign’s intensive 2-day Training of Trainers. Once trainers are certified, they offer free trainings in their communities and/or organizations.  Oversight and evaluation of these trainers by their local lead organizations, and feedback from workshop participants document consistently high levels of satisfaction – typically 4.8 or higher on an excellence scale of 5. Evaluations of 5,000 persons trained indicate:

  • 95% said the training helped them identify problem behaviors in adults
  • 94% learned to assess and respond to unhealthy sexual behaviors in children
  • 95% learned where to go and who to talk to if they suspect sexual abuse
  • 98% would recommend the trainings to others

Campaign trainers have educated thousands of parents, professionals and youth in eight states. Written evaluations of trainings by participants are conducted at every session and continue to show consistently high levels of satisfaction with trainers, the content of the training materials, and the transfer and usability of the knowledge.