Your Body Belongs to you!

your body belongs to you
Your Body Belongs to You!

by Cornelia Maude Spelman 

Pre School-Grade 2.

“This book is positive and assertive without being frightening. It lets young children know that it’s all right for them to choose when, and by whom, they are to be touched. It goes on to define “private parts” as “the places on your body covered by a bathing suit,” and states that they should never be touched by people other than medical personnel and adults helping with bathroom functions. The prefatory note to parents is an important one as it reminds them to trust a child’s instincts and concerns related to unwanted touching. Weidner’s simple watercolors are adequately rendered and are appropriate to the content. Even with its basic vocabulary and limited scope, this book will need to be, and should be, shared one-on one.”

– Rosie Peasley, Empire Union School District, Modesto, CA