Yes Your Kid: What Parents Need to Know About Today’s Teens and Sex

Yes Your Kid: What Parents Need to Know About Today’s Teens and Sex

by Debby Herbenick, with Kristina Supler and Susan Stone.

Parents of teenagers and young adults have enormous catching up to do to understand how sexting, internet porn, TikTok, and more have shaped sex for young people. Too often, parents wear blinders when it comes to the sex lives of their children. They hear the statistics—how 80% of college students have engaged in rough sex or how one in four teens have sent or received a sext—and think, “Not my kid.”

Yes, Your Kid is the sex education update that parents need so they can better educate and support their tweens, teens, young adults, and college students. Combining insights from cutting-edge research, conversations with real students, and on-the-ground legal experience, Yes, Your Kid provides:

An overview of key topics in sexuality, from communication, consent, and healthy relationships to pornography and rough sex, describing how things have changed

Real-world legal stories illustrating today’s consensual sex pitfalls and clear tips for how to help your child avoid them

Age-appropriate tools to talk with tweens and teens about bodies, technology, birth control, consent, and gender-inclusive approaches to puberty

Concrete advice parents can share directly with their children so that—if and when their children become sexually active with partners—they are more likely to have safer, consensual sex

Key messages to share with young people so that they can learn how to stand up to misogyny, prevent sexual harassment, and speak up in the face of potential harm

Inclusive sexuality education tips for parents of young people on the autism spectrum

Authoritative, supportive, sex-positive, and facts-forward, Yes, Your Kid provides parents with the frank, accurate information they and their children need to safely navigate today’s sexual landscape.

Yes Your Kid is available through Bookshop, Amazon (USCanada), Barnes & Noble, and through local independent bookstores as well as internationally.