Toy Cars: One Man’s Journey From Trauma to Triumph

Toy Cars
Toy Cars: One Man’s Journey From Trauma to Triumph

By Nathan Spiteri

Toy Cars takes you on Nathan’s story of surviving childhood sex abuse and then on his journey to relearn the world as a healthy and functioning activist and advocate, writer and actor. Nathan dives into the trauma of being brutally abused, groomed and manipulated by the actions and lies of a vicious pedophile. The memoir combines the disciplines of psychology and child development with a story of personal survival in the face of ongoing trauma. It is a hopeful, therapeutic, and promising anthem for survivors of any form of trauma, all over the world, whilst also providing a cautionary tale of pain and wisdom for every mother and father and caretaker.

The book is written within the framework of honest, compelling recollections of his own personal struggle with child abuse, including a descent into substance use, addiction, violence and prostitution, ultimately leading to a redemptive journey of recovery and acquired wisdom. He introduces the reader into the house, the heart, and the mind of one who struggles, grieves and ultimately heals to see the beauty and value of living after trauma.

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