Those Are MY Private Parts

Those Are My Private Parts cover
Those are MY Private Parts

by Diane Hansen

In today’s world, it’s sad but true, that parents need to discuss certain difficult topics with their children while they are still very young, in order to protect them. But how do you teach a child about something they aren’t supposed to know about until they are older? You begin by teaching the basics. And one basic that should be taught to all children, is that their body is private.

The book, “Those are MY Private Parts,” is one resource that can help parents open discussions and empower their children against child abuse. The book’s message is to let children know that they have a right to and that they should keep their bodies private — from friends, family members, and even neighbors down the street. The rhyming sentences and short verses make it easy to read this book to young children, and each page reinforces the book’s message to children by repeating the phrase, “those are my private parts!” The book also includes a note to parents and 2 pages of facts on child sexual abuse.

Also available in Spanish, “Esas Son Mis Partes Privadas!”