Six PIllars of Prevention

Six Pillars for Prevention
Six Pillars of Prevention

by the National Coalition to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation

The Six Pillars of Prevention is a guiding document that outlines six critical components to the prevention of abuse. With the release of this document, the Prevention Coalition is hoping to build a dialogue around the creation of a comprehensive policy agenda to benefit children and prevent sexual abuse.

Explaining that there is no one policy that can combat child sexual abuse and exploitation, the Prevention Coalition chose instead to identify six areas in which policies can have the most impact on prevention.

The Six Pillars are:

•  Strengthen Youth Serving Organizations (YSOs) sexual abuse and exploitation prevention capacity,

•  Support the healthy development of children,

•  Promote healthy relationships and sexuality education for children and youth,

•  End the demand for children as sexual commodities,

•  Have sustainable funds for prevention, and

•  Prevent initial perpetration of child sexual abuse and exploitation.

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