My Body Is Special and Private

My Body is Special and Private

by Adrianne Simeone

“Recommended for children ages 2 and up, this book was created to help parents and caregivers introduce or reinforce the concepts of privacy and body safety to children learning for the first time and for those not quite ready to handle a longer book and/or more complex concepts like secrets, tricks, and intuition. In ten short pages children are taught:

1. Their bodies belong just to them

2. Some parts are private

3. Private is a word that means it’s not meant for sharing

4. Proper terminology for genitalia

5. It is a rule that privates are not for looking, touching or playing games

6. All adults know the rules about private parts and if a rule is broken, it is always right to tell and that it’s an adult’s just to keep children safe.

We hope you will use this book as a launching point for talking about body safety, it is printed in a sturdy board book format so that even the youngest of readers can hold and turn pages on their own. Proceeds from the sale of this book will support nonprofit organization, The Mama Bear Effect in our mission to raise awareness and educate for the prevention of child sexual abuse. The book can be previewed in full on our organizational website.” (The Mama Bear Effect).

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