I Love YOu So Much THat. . .

Mama bear hugging baby bear on pink background. I love You So Much That cover
I Love You So Much That…

by Kathy Picard Illustrated by D. Louise Nicholson

I Love You So Much That...is a sweet story for 3-10 year olds that helps explain “Why” their parents ask them to do things like go to bed at a certain time, brush their teeth, stay away from strangers, and keep their private parts private. It is a subtle and age-appropriate way to teach young children about body boundaries and keep them safe. “With soft, simple illustrations and meaningful text, this beautiful story focuses on keeping children aware of what caring adults expect, teach, and share. It should be read, shared, and talked about often. This will certainly help young minds to understand what is and isn’t love.” (Amazon).

I Love You So Much That… is also now available in Spanish, with an interactive and bilingual edition.

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