Change Your Shoes, Live Your Greatest Life

Change Your Shoes, Live Your Greatest Life

by Kathy Andersen

This award-winning book is about changing your shoes—literally and figuratively. Kathy Andersen left Australia to take a “break” that turned into a journey of more than ten years. Changing her corporate high heels to hiking boots started Kathy on a journey where she would experience the power we each have to be our greatest self, and to live our greatest life.

In Change Your Shoes, Live Your Greatest Life, each chapter of Kathy’s journey provides insights and guided reflections to give the reader tools to chart their own journey of discovery, and to make positive decisions for a purposeful life. Kathy reveals a journey that we can each take to live our greatest life, and enables each reader to embark upon their own journey as they turn each page.

Among other things, Kathy’s journey enabled her to step into the darkness of a childhood filled with abuse and isolation, and to step out knowing we are each so much greater than the worst that happens to us. She discovers the gifts and treasures waiting for each of us in each moment, and that with them, we can rise above any obstacles and soar to our greatest heights. From traveling through some of the richest and poorest countries in the world, from remote villages, to shimmering cities, to wide open spaces, to ancient ruins, to sitting under the Bodhi Tree in India where the Buddha gave his first teaching, and even to the hallways of Harvard University, Kathy discovers worlds within, around, and beyond that take us on a journey to our greatest self.

We each have within us everything we need to make the changes we need to step onto a path to our greatest self, and our greatest life. Our journey starts with a simple pause that allows us to unwrap all of the extraordinary gifts within us—the gifts of our limitless potential. There are no boundaries, only infinite possibilities.

So come, change your shoes, embark upon a journey through this book. Immerse your self in all that is waiting for you in this moment, to venture to your greatest life!

“This book is a rare inspiration.” Ronald A. Heifetz. Founder, Center for Public Leadership. Harvard Kennedy School.


Winner – International Book Awards 2012 (Memoirs)

Finalist – International Book Awards 2012 (Self-Help)

Silver Medal – Independent Publisher Awards 2012 (Self-Help)

Finalist – Indie Book Award 2012 (Motivation)

Finalist, USA Best Books 2012 (Self-Help)