Book covers with groups of children and the titles "All About Penises" and "All About Vulvas and Vaginas"
“All About Penises” and “All About Vulvas and Vaginas”

by Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller

It’s well-established that teaching young children the anatomically-correct names for their body parts can have a protective effect, in addition to helping children communicate effectively if harm does occur. Yet many parents remain uncomfortable using these words, or simply unsure when or how to introduce them. A new pair of books for 3-7 year olds, All About Penises and All About Vulvas and Vaginas, by sexuality educators Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller, provides a valuable tool for parents and caregivers.

Published by Henry Holt/Macmillan, these positive, inclusive, and nuanced picture books make it easy for parents to introduce simple anatomy terms, reassure kids they’re normal, embrace body diversity, and teach developmentally-appropriate scientific facts about bodies, in a shame-free and accessible way.

The books are available now! To learn more: