10 Conversations

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10 Conversations to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse 

The first step in the fight to end child sexual abuse is to know the facts. This free, educational email series is comprised of brief but thorough lessons that you will receive bi-weekly via email. While being aware of, and educated about the scope of the problem is not enough on its own, it is only through understanding that we can hope to truly effect change. Topics included in the 10 Conversations include:

  1. What is Child Sexual Abuse? Defining the Problem
  2. Who are the Abusers? 
  3. Behavior Signs of Abusers: Grooming Tactics Used by Sexual Abusers
  4. Behavior and Physical Signs that Might Indicate Sexual Abuse
  5. Sexual Behaviors of Children: What’s Typical? What’s Problematic?
  6. Responding to Sexual Behaviors of Children: Skills you can learn to respond appropriately
  7. Talk to Your Children: Start Early and Communicate Often
  8. The Impact of Child Sexual Abuse on Children: Tactics Abusers Use So Children Won’t Tell
  9. Internet Safety: Keeping Your Children Safe Online
  10. The Public’s Opinion on Child Sexual Abuse: Prevention is Possible

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