Pledge to Prevent

Pledge to Prevent® is a unique online action campaign to prevent child sexual abuse. Its goal is to harness the public’s keen awareness about the problem and provide thousands of individuals across the country with the education they need to then take concrete, practical actions to prevent it in their homes and communities.

Enough Abuse and END1IN4, Inc., Coordinating Partners for the Pledge to Prevent® , are promoting the Pledge through an outdoor public awareness campaign on billboards in Greater Boston, Los Angeles, Miami and in New York City’s Times Square. The ads are appearing throughout the month of April 2024 during National Child Abuse Prevention Month. The campaign also includes a social media toolkit so individuals and organizations can promote it with their networks.

Pledge to Prevent® was started by MassKids, the oldest statewide child advocacy organization in the country, which is the home of Enough Abuse. Now, in partnership with END1IN4, the two organizations are on a mission to expand Pledge to Prevent® globally. Currently, individuals who have taken the Pledge to Prevent® come from nearly every U.S. state and also from several countries, including Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Zambia, Liberia, India, etc.

END1IN4, Inc. is a non-profit with a mission to end the impact and magnitude of child sexual abuse through breakthrough public awareness and engagement campaigns, education, and advocacy. In 2023, END1IN4 engaged celebrity survivor-advocates including Ashley Judd, Anthony Edwards and Diana Nyad, who have each recorded video messages of encouragement for victims and survivors of abuse, which can be viewed at

Visit and take the Pledge to Prevent® today. Get started by choosing from among the 24 pledges described under the various categories:

  • Learner (I want to educate myself about the issue.)
  • Prevention Influencer (I want to share what I know.)
  • Safe Community Promoter (I want to engage my school or youth organization in prevention actions.) or
  • Movement Builder (I want my legislator to champion prevention laws and policies.)

You have the option to “Show Your Hand. Take a Stand!” by uploading to the site’s Photo Gallery, a photo of yourself with your raised hand declaring “Enough!”  Provide a 2-word description of yourself that will appear under your photo, e.g. “I am a mother and a small business owner”, I am a father and a survivor,” “I am a student and a sorority sister,” etc.

You will immediately receive an email with links to resources that will educate you about how to carry out your specific pledge. After you have fulfilled your pledge, you can go back to the site, select another pledge, and take further prevention actions.

You can also become a Pledge Ambassador and generate dozens or hundreds of other pledges by sharing your pledge with  family, friends and social media followers and challenging them to also Pledge to Prevent®! 

Visit today. Show Your Hand. Take a Stand!

Delta Kappa Delta (DKD) sisters promoting the Pledge to Prevent® at the Boston Common as part of their National Conference service event.
Northeastern University Kappa Delta sisters host a “Pledge to Prevent® Day” on campus

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