The work of the Enough Abuse Campaign was recently featured in a two part Prevent Connect podcast.

Prevent Connect is a national project of the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault. We are grateful to Tori VandeLinde from Prevent Connect for hosting this podcast and featuring our work to prevent child sexual abuse through the Enough Abuse Campaign.

Part 1, “Enough Abuse: Preventing Child Sexual Abuse in Schools”
On this podcast, Jetta Bernier and Lindsay Hawthorne of the Enough Abuse Campaign and Susan Bertrand, a local school administrator, discuss ways adults in schools and in communities can build off education and training to create safe environments free from child sexual abuse. On part 1 of this podcast, guests explore online training and education from the Enough Abuse Campaign that help lay the foundation necessary to creating protective school environments for youth.
Part 2, “Enough Abuse: All Adults Can Prevent Child Sexual Abuse”

Online trainings have been used to prevent sexual violence, intimate partner violence, and child sexual abuse before COVID-19 and associated stay-at-home orders. In this new current context and as leaders search for a new normal, online trainings and education will likely become more and more common. On this podcast, Jetta Bernier and Lindsay Hawthorne of the Enough Abuse Campaign discuss their online training course for teachers and school administrators to prevent child sexual abuse in schools, and Susan Bertrand joins the conversation to discuss how a local school district has benefitted from the online training.

Check out additional resources from Enough Abuse here. On part 2, Jetta, Lindsay, and Susan discuss additional ways adults in school and in communities can prevent child sexual abuse.