The world is facing an unprecedented situation with the COVID-19 pandemic causing the closure of schools, after-school programs, day-care centers, and youth-serving organizations. Parents may be trying to work from home while helping homeschool children, filing for unemployment or going without any income at all if they are not eligible. Many of them are scrambling to find childcare while risking their lives performing “essential jobs” in their communities. With the added emotional and financial stress and lack of access to the usual outside support networks of educators, social workers, childcare workers, after-school program staff, and counselors at youth-serving organizations, parents are being challenged to cope with the even greater demands the pandemic is placing on everyone.

Our Massachusetts Resource Guide for Parents and Caregivers: Caring For Children During the COVID-19 Pandemic  can help raise awareness about the increased risk to children of abuse and neglect during this time, and provide support to parents and other caregivers to help keep children safe.