The Enough Abuse Campaign, directed by MassKids, is making great strides to educate parents, schools, youth organizations and the public about child sexual abuse and ways to prevent it but we need YOUR support to reach our goals for children faster. 
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Here’s a look at Enough Abuse BY THE NUMBERS….

  • 1,600 school and youth organization leaders over the past two years have participated in in-person and virtual Enough Abuse trainings delivered by MassKids about child sexual abuse and prevention policies.
  • 120 schools with over 7,000 school administrators, teachers, coaches and other employees have completed our “ENOUGH!” 1-hour e-learning course on child sexual abuse prevention.
  • 10 research-based and evidence-informed curricula are now included in our comprehensive inventory of training tools. The U.S. Department of Justice this year hailed our online course for schools as an effective crime prevention tool.
  • 1,500 school and youth organization leaders have received our Safe Child Standards” report to improve their policies to protect children from sexual abuse.
  • 400 school and youth organization leaders were trained at our 3 annual New England Region-wide Summits on child sexual abuse prevention.
  • 1,400 citizens to date have participated in our Pledge to Prevent™ online campaign and taken specific actions to prevent child sexual abuse in their homes and communities;
  • 6 Universities – Tufts, Northeastern, Harvard, MIT, Columbia and Boston Universities are partnering with MassKids to promote Pledge to Prevent™ and other prevention initiatives. 
  • 700,000 unique visitors made 2.5 million pageviews on our MassKids and EnoughAbuse websites in 2020 and 2021. 
  • 8 states and 2 countries have formally adopted our Enough Abuse Campaign, building coalitions, educating parents, training professionals, promoting prevention policies for schools and youth organizations, and passing legislation to address the problem. 
  • 4 interactive MAPS of the U.S. on document the latest information on the status of child sexual abuse prevention legislation in all 50 states.
  • 11 media interviews were conducted and news articles published about our work over the past 15 months.