The movement to end child sexual abuse starts with a single word…

The Enough Abuse Campaign has established Massachusetts as “one of the first states in the nation to lead a trailblazing effort to prevent child sexual abuse by building a movement of concerned citizens, community by community.”

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

“The Enough Abuse Campaign breaks the mold on child sexual abuse. It  goes beyond a set of trainings to foster the building of real and lasting relationships among diverse stakeholders. Its emphasis on community collaboration sets it apart from previous efforts.”

Ms. Foundation for Women 

Did You Know?

Child sexual abuse is PREVENTABLE. Using proven effective public health strategies from other social change movements like tobacco reform and child safety helmet use, we can be the generation that effectively puts an end to the silence, shame and denial that has allowed child sexual abuse to go unchallenged for so long.

Without prevention strategies, 1 in 10 children may experience child sexual abuse before age 18.

What is child sexual abuse? How prevalent is it? What are the immediate and long-term health, mental health, social and educational consequences for children? To keep your children safe, Get the Facts and learn more today!

4. 5 million students in public schools (1 in 10) report sexual misconduct or abuse by an adult in their school

Get high-quality, research-backed online and in-person trainings to increase knowledge and skills to prevent child sexual abuse for you, your school, organization or community. Get Trained!

90% of citizens polled believe child sexual abuse is a serious problem. 75% believe it can be prevented and want to learn how.

Take action to prevent child sexual abuse through our Safety STARS program for schools and youth organizations, our Pledge to Prevent™ online action campaign for individuals, and the Brave Movement initiative for survivors and their allies. Get Involved!

Together, survivors, advocates & their allies can change laws & policies to prevent child sexual abuse from ever occurring.

Influence policies and legislation in your state to require prevention education in schools and youth organizations, prevent educator sexual misconduct/abuse, and hold legally accountable persons in positions of authority who abuse children. Raise your voice. Get Vocal!

Join the Movement to end sexual abuse against children and adolescents. Learn what part YOU can play.

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Nov. 18th: World Day for Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

On Saturday, Nov. 18th, we celebrate the second annual World Day for the Prevention of, and Healing from Child Sexual Abuse, Exploitation and Violence. The Enough Abuse Campaign was a founding partner of the Global Collaborative that helped establish this day, which was officially declared by the United Nations in November 2022.

This year, we are thankful that Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey listened to the voices of survivors and advocates for children, declaring Nov. 18th Childhood Sexual Abuse Awareness Day in Massachusetts.

We are hopeful that this growing awareness will help our #PassthePreventionPackage campaign succeed to pass child sexual abuse prevention laws in our state. Our advocacy on this issue was recently featured in a Boston25 News story on educator sexual misconduct in Massachusetts.

“Straight Talk About Child Sexual Abuse: A Prevention Guide for Parents” – Updated!

Every parent is concerned about keeping their children safe from those who might sexually abuse or exploit them.

Our “Straight Talk” Guide gives parents the information and skills they need to strengthen safety within their family and community and reduce the risks of sexual abuse. The Guide has been updated to include a new section on the 25 Adult Boundary-Violating Behaviors parents should talk to their children about, and another about online child sexual abuse and internet safety.

This Prevention Guide for Parents is also now available in Spanish.

There is also a version of the guide for parents of children with disabilities, which has also been updated to include the information about boundary violating behaviors, online child sexual abuse, and internet safety.

Download your free Straight Talk About Child Sexual Abuse: Prevention Guide for Parents at

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